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Under 13 Rugby League
The St Edward’s Under 13 Rugby League team displayed remarkable sportsmanship at the BBSSSA Gala Day held at Morry Breen Oval on Wednesday, 2 August 2023.

Participating in four matches, the team secured two impressive victories and had two closely contested losses. The boys’ tenacity and determination were evident as they fiercely vied for possession of the ball and executed strategies to keep the ball moving from ‘wing to wing’ in the wet conditions. This enthusiasm to keep the ball moving demonstrated their understanding of the game’s nuances and their dedication to collaborative teamwork.

What truly set the team apart was their unyielding courage, even when faced with adversity. During moments when the referee’s call seemed unfavorable, the boys exemplified an unwavering support for each other in the true spirit of the game. This camaraderie proved instrumental in maintaining their high spirits throughout the day.

Despite the disappointing defeats, it is evident that the Under 13 boys have a promising future ahead in the ‘black and red’. A standout of the day was Jamie Vernon, whose exceptional performance earned him the well-deserved title of ‘Player of the Day’.

The Under 13 Rugby League team’s participation in the BBSSSA Gala Day was a resounding success, not for the remarkable wins but rather the closely contested matches and an unwavering team spirit. Their ability to overcome challenges and uplift each other bodes well for a promising future together.