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UAC Update

ATAR release

It’s fantastic that this year’s HSC exams will go ahead as planned with no delays. This means that HSC results and ATARs will be released on time on 15 December. Students will be able to access their ATAR via the UAC website from 9am.

ATAR eligibility

Talking of the ATAR, your new Year 12 students will no doubt be reviewing their HSC course loads, and your Year 10 students will be considering their HSC course options. So here is a reminder of the ATAR eligibility rules.

To be eligible for an ATAR in NSW, a student must satisfactorily complete at least 10 units of ATAR courses. These ATAR courses must include at least:

  • 8 units from Category A courses
  • 2 units of English
  • three Board Developed courses of 2 units or greater
  • four subjects.

Four subjects requirement

A subject is an area of study (eg mathematics). Within that subject, there may be a number of courses (eg Mathematics Standard 1, Mathematics Standard 2, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2)

It’s important to be aware that an extension course falls within the same subject area as the 2-unit course it is combined with. For example, when combined with Modern History, History Extension falls under the subject area of Modern History. When combined with Chemistry, Science Extension falls under the subject area of Chemistry.

Requirement to sit exams

Another thing to remember is that the student must be enrolled in and complete the exam component of the course for the subject rule to be satisfied. For example, a student completing the following pattern of study must sit the optional Hospitality exam in order to meet the four-subject rule:

  • English Adv = 2 units
  • English Ext 1 = 1 unit
  • English Ext 2 = 1 unit
  • Maths Ext 1 = 2 units
  • Maths Ext 2 = 2 units
  • Biology = 2 units
  • Hospitality exam = 2 units

Similarly, they must sit the Biology exam to satisfactorily complete the course and count Biology as a subject.

I understand that the NESA forms indicate eligibility for an ATAR, but if a student’s pattern of study doesn’t seem to meet all the rules listed above, please contact me so that I can confirm their eligibility.

Preparing the Class of 2023

Applications for the class of 2023 will open in early April. If you would like us to come to your school and speak to your new Year 12 students and their parents about the ATAR and university entry, please email

Schools Recommendation Scheme

With SRS applications in and ratings complete, we now just wait for offers. Students have a little more time to consider their preferred courses but must meet the change of preference deadline:

Some students may be contacted by an institution and advised that they need to have that institution’s course at the top of their preference list in order to receive an offer. Please assure your students that they will receive an offer to the highest course preference for which they are eligible and competitive enough. If they don’t receive an offer to their highest preference, they will be considered for their second preference, and so on down the list.

Educational Access Scheme

EAS is for students whose studies have been negatively impacted due to circumstances beyond their control or choosing. There are eight types of disadvantage that students can claim in their EAS application.

An EAS application is only considered when ATAR-based offers are made, except where an institution requires it as part of its SRS criteria.

EAS applications, including supporting documents, must be submitted by 22 November for students to receive notification of their EAS eligibility on ATAR day.

Some disadvantage types require an Educational Impact Statement (EIS). If your school has a policy not to provide this statement directly to the applicant, please email the EIS to our Access team at

If you have any questions about EAS, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We’re also keen to get your feedback on EAS via a 2-minute survey. Your responses will help us improve the EAS process for schools and students.