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Applications Now Open

Applications for university in 2023 have opened strongly with more than 13,000 Year 12 students applying since we opened on 12 April. To start their application students will need their NESA student number or their BSSS student number (ACT students) issued through their school and their UAC PIN (emailed by UAC on 12 April).

Remind your students to check that they have registered a personal email address with NESA. They can do this by logging in to Students Online. UAC sends UAC PINs to the email addresses students have registered with NESA. We will email a PIN reminder in early August.

Not all courses available

Institutions haven’t provided all 2023 course information to UAC, but students can still complete their application for uni. They can select any course commencing in 2023 and come back later to review and update their preferences. All courses will be available in August.

Course Compass

If students need help deciding which uni course to apply for, go to Course Compass. After they answer a few quick questions about their HSC subjects, Course Compass will display fields of study offered to recent applicants just like them. They can then drill down to institutions offering courses that might suit them.

Early offers to Year 12 students

While the ATAR is still the main selection tool used by most unis, there are other ways for students to show that they’re ready to succeed at tertiary study. This means they may be able to receive an offer to university before ATARs are released.

Offers made through UAC

Because we have several offer rounds in the first half of the year, many Year 12 students ask us if they can receive an offer now. The short answer is ‘no’: the first UAC offers to Year 12 students will be made to Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) applicants on 11 November 2022. Offers made then are not based on HSC results and ATARs. Instead, they are based on other criteria like Year 11 results and the school’s rating of the student.

Before November offers are made to applicants who are not in Year 12 this year and already have a qualification we can assess. They’re often applying to start a course in semester 2.

Most UAC offers to Year 12 students are made in late December, after the release of ATARs.

Offers directly from the institutions

In addition to submitting an SRS application, Year 12 students can apply for an early offer directly to individual institutions. Each institution has different application and offer dates. All the details are on our website.

Access and scholarship programs

Applications for the Schools Recommendation Scheme, Educational Access Scheme and Equity Scholarships are all open and application guides are available to download.

If you have students who may be eligible for these schemes, encourage them to start their applications soon as they’ve submitted their UAC undergraduate application.


UAC is currently distributing free copies of the following publications to schools. If your school hasn’t received these by the second week of June, contact us.

UAC Guide 2022–23

The Guide includes an overview of our 28 participating institutions and the courses they are offering in 2023, plus a guide to the application and offer process. Students can also access the UAC Guide online.

Steps to Uni for Year 10 Students

Steps to Uni for Year 10 students along with the accompanying portal, Subject Compass, will help Year 10 students choose their HSC subjects. It’s particularly useful for checking a student’s ATAR eligibility. You can access a PDF version of the Year 10 booklet on UAC’s website.