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Trash Free Tuesday Mufti Day
I distinctly remember my dad tell me, to ‘leave a mark’ at St Edward’s, this was when I received the news that I was going to be a part of the Prefect Group for the 2019/20 school year.

I wasn’t sure what mark I had to leave, but I knew that the Prefect group of 2019/20 had the skills and talent to pull off something big, no matter what came our way.

To initiate the idea of a St Edward’s College mufti day in honour of the environment, gave me a sense of pride and satisfaction, and left a legacy that can be passed on to future year groups at St Edward’s, to assist in creating a more sustained environment without any single use plastics. The success of the mufti day can be attributed to the support of Mr Gentle, Mrs Beynon, and staff and students of the environmental portfolio. Special thanks must be given to the Executive Committee at St Edward’s and in particular,  Mr Bonnici for approving this event. The team who presented the idea were: Aaron Judd, Kai Wheelock and Jacob Curico and the Environmental Portfolio members, Lars Cleeren and Samuel Dewey.

The day was amazing, everyone wore their favorite piece of clothing to school which created a positive vibe, a great atmosphere and a truly inclusive community. The day will be remembered by staff and students as one of the most cherished days at St Edward’s with 581 students and 35 staff participating in bringing a trash free lunch. Also raised was $600 for the new chilled water refill station.

Finally, thank you to staff and students who participated in the mufti day, this was your day and you made it count.

Stay Safe and God Bless
Johan Fernandes