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The Voice Public Speaking Competition
This week the library hosted a round of ‘The Voice Public Speaking Competition’ for Years 7-10.

This was a great opportunity for students to research current global issues and to present their views to their peers.

Students were asked to present a prepared speech which proposes a solution to a given world problem. They then participated in question time, answering impromptu questions about their topic – not an easy task.

We saw Marco Sgaravizzi from Year 7 discuss ways the international community can manage and prevent civil conflicts around the world, Jayden Redfern from Year 8 proposed solutions to improve access to educational opportunities in regional and remote areas of Australia, Daniel Herd from Year 8 presented strategies to promote mental health in Australia, and Ikey Allen from Year 9 tackled the topic of how Australia can improve economic equality between its citizens.

Congratulations to these students for showcasing not only their exceptional public speaking abilities but also for presenting considered responses to pressing global issues.