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The Latest From the Visual Arts Faculty
The creative arts are nothing if not versatile! As we moved into Home Base Learning during Term 3, students needed to rapidly upskill to create in the online environment.

Advanced skills such as digital multimedia, Photoshop, Premier Pro, and online based software programs became the norm. As you will see in the gallery of images, the boys outdid themselves and created some amazing work.

Traditional forms of the fine arts – such as drawing and painting – were able to be continued using various online platforms. Year 7 and 8 focused their attention on learning all about the history and timeline of Art, from First Nations and Prehistory through the Renaissance and all the way to Contemporary forms. They created stained glass windows, digitally coloured images and even 3D bubble animations.

Year 9 and 10 created miniature photography calendars used Photoshop to digitally paint a landscape and even completed a short music video using premade footage and their own choice of soundtrack.

Year 11 Visual Arts created multimedia collage paintings using Photoshop and, using some software called Kleki, created an online triptych painting of an aerial view of the coastline, in the style of Fred Williams. Year 11 Photography worked hard to create their own conceptual film – difficult to do when you couldn’t leave the house! – and submitted their films around various topics, using their own soundtracks.

And finally, our HSC year, our Year 12 students have completed their work and given the limitations of COVID, they are spectacular. Expressive forms ranged from drawing to graphics to collections of work including film making. The level of completion was excellent and the boys have done an exceptional job in motivating themselves from home to create work of such a high standard.