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The Latest from the Visual Art Department

Year 7 – Literacy and Art Streamlined

Art and Literacy have always been streamlined as subjects – why can’t we analyse both a written and a visual text at the same time?

This semester, students have begun the term with examining the properties of Dramatic texts including  plays during Core classes. This aligns with the examination of texts in Visual Arts – visual texts, to be precise. Students were able to analyse the storytelling properties of Indigenous art as told through the use of symbols and patterns. The boys painted backgrounds of watercolour, with acrylic paint brush strokes over the top. Their final layer was created using permanent marker. Each painting was then drawn over the top with Indigenous symbols to tell a story of their own creation.

Year 7 Work


Year 8 Work


Year 9 Photography –  Light Trails and Composition

This term, the photography students in Year 9 have been capitalising on their basic understanding of using the DSLR camera. This term they have concentrated on long exposure photography and using the BULB setting in darkness to create imagery using torches, glow sticks, fairy lights and sparklers.

The students were asked to create their own sparkler circle and then turn it into a Portal into another dimension using Adobe Photoshop. They were then taken to the Drama room and asked to act out a superhero scene as if they were shooting lasers at each other. The results are exceptional!


Year 9 Work


Year 10 – Gargoyles and the Art of Chris Ryniak

Year 10 have started a ceramics and sculpture unit based on the work of Gothic Cathedrals and their Gargoyles. Students have begun with tonal drawing using Charcoal and Conte Chalk on buff paper to show the gargoyles themselves. The drawings have then been turned into black and white scratch art using the cartoon character monsters of Chris Ryniak as inspiration. Well done, boys, the results are fantastic!

HSC Bodies of Work Sneak Peeks

As the due dates for the HSC Bodies of Work loom closer, the students have been working feverishly to try and put the final polishing touches on their works. They have chosen everything from tradition artforms of drawing and painting, to ceramics, graphic media, photo media and sculpture. The standard of the work and their conceptual nature has been exceptional and we wish the boys every success as they complete their Trials and then finish their Bodies of Work ready for their final assessment at the end of the term.


Year 12 HSC