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The Fathering Project Tips
Can you believe it’s already August!? With a new month comes a new theme – Why Dads Matter, in other words, why you are so important to your children.

As you may know, this week is Education Week. So, it’s only fitting we highlight the influential role dads play in their child’s learning journey.

Right from birth through to adulthood, dads and father figures shape their child’s growth and development.

Fathers have not only been shown to have a significant impact on academic achievements, but children’s attitude towards learning and school is also very strongly influenced by their father.

Top Tips

  • Promote a positive mindset. Help your child to see the benefits of their education and support them to learn and improve.​​​​​
  • Don’t pressure. Encourage them to be the best they can be, and help them plan on how they can improve.
  • Mistakes are part of learning. Communicate this to your child and let them know we don’t always get things right the first time round. We learn from our mistakes and try again.

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