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The Fathering Project
Hi Dads, father figures and significant male role models,

Finding balance in every aspect of your life is key to your wellbeing and living a happy and fulfilling life.

This is especially important when it comes to work life balance. Taking time to reflect on how you can make it happen when you’re a dad is important for yourself, your kids and family.

Research shows 85% of dads aspire to fully share parenting with their spouses, however only 30% report that they actually get to do this.

Making changes to your work may not yet be possible, but it’s worth thinking about how you might aim to adjust or negotiate your work to be more flexible in the future.

Top Tips to help you reflect

  1. Your children are only young once. Remember that work will always be there, but time flies and your children grow quickly.
  2. Put family first. Whenever there is a clash between work and family, family comes first.
  3. Be a good role model. You are an important role model for their work ethic in the future, and also for their work-life balance. Consider the example you are setting for your kids.

​​​​​​​​​​Dad joke of the week

The salesman at the furniture store said “You will seat five people without any problems…”I said, “Where am I going to find five people without any problems…?!”


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