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The Fathering Project
As we come to the end of Term 3, we start to prepare for a two week break and thoughts of what to do with our kids.

Well, look no further as this link provides some hot tips on how to connect with you child and bring out the best in you as a father. There are some great articles, podcasts and my favourite…recipes and cooking videos that are a great fun way to work with and connect with your children.

I believe every day should be a celebration of the special privilege it is to be a father. Just this morning I was saying bye to my 4 year old son as he was watching cartoons on ABC. As usual, no response as he was too engrossed in the cartoon he was watching. No offence I thought, gave him a kiss and started to depart. A second later I hear him shout, “bye stinky head, I love you”. I’ll carry this with me for the day.

Enjoy the break and finally some warmer weather as Spring approaches.

With gratitude

Marcus Missio-Spiteri
College Counsellor