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The Fathering Project
Hello fathers, father figures, significant role models and carers

As we draw to the end of Term 1, we have the opportunity to take a bit of a breather as we embark on Easter Break. Holiday periods are always a great time to pause and spend quality time with family and even get the chance to make a greater connection. We are constantly learning about our children, even when we think we aren’t learning anything because we are frustrated by them. Take this time to reflect on your relationship with your children and try to understand what may be happening for them. Here is some information on what happens with adolescents and their emotions. Please take time to read and absorb and perhaps put into action.


Emotions often run high during adolescence due to all the restructuring in the brain and hormones interacting in this process. While there is more activity in the emotional sections of the brain (the limbic system) there is also disruption in the planning and impulse control parts of the brain (the frontal lobes and the prefrontal cortex). See the link for more information below.



For more information on the Fathering Project you can click on this link If you would like to register and be a part of The Fathering Project through the school and get access to more resources please click on this link Click Here.

Happy Easter everyone. May you stay well, safe and connected.

Marcus Missio-Spiteri
College Counsellor