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The Challenges at Year 10 Camp
This year’s camp was the warmest in the last 15 years, 5 days straight of dry unseasonably warm weather which allowed for a very successful camp.

The hikers experienced brilliant views of the Great Dividing Range as they summited Mt Twynum and enjoyed an amazing snow slide on their descent. Mountain biking proved to be more challenging because of the warmer weather but the boys persevered and experienced a range of trails and skills tracks throughout Bungarra. More importantly, apart from a few elbow and knee skirmishes and minor cuts, there were no broken bones from students or staff. The raft building proved to be popular with the boys on Jindabyne Lake, as a refreshing break from the warm weather. Abseiling out at Jindabyne Dam had the bonus of an amazing view of the Dam release, which happens once a year to help replenish and rejuvenate the Snowy River ecosystems. From all reports the boys were happy with the food, the chicken ‘shnitty’ was popular after the hike, but ration packs are always a challenge, part of the experience! Collectively the boys approached the week positively and engaged with the activities, camp guides and teachers. The highlights were the individual achievements of many of the students who were often taken out of their comfort zone with many of the activities but quietly pushed through the challenges. A big thank you to all the boys for their positive attitude and especially the staff who volunteered their time to be away from family and look after the boys for the week.

Mr Eamonn McCauley
Year 10 Pastoral Leader