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Technology and Applied Studies: HSC Major Work
Industrial Technology Timber (Written by Nicholas Gately)

‘The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.’ This quote underscores the idea that when we engage in hands-on work and build something tangible, we aren’t just creating objects; we are also crafting ourselves. This concept is deeply ingrained in our 2023 Industrial Technology Timber class.

Timber, you see, is not just about wielding tools, hitting wood, and joining pieces together. It’s a journey of personal growth and skill development that extends far beyond our classroom. In fact, it equips us with valuable life skills, teaches us the art of time management, and hones our ability to excel in independent projects.

Through the challenges and triumphs in timber, we’ve discovered the true essence of dedication. We’ve learned to invest our precious time into our passions, mastering the art of managing our time effectively. These experiences have compelled us to cultivate healthy habits, fostering a drive to always strive for our personal best. These skills aren’t confined to the walls of our classroom; they fortify our character for future endeavors, providing us with the tools to succeed in real-life situations and empowering us to chart our own career paths.

What sets Timber apart from other subjects is its unique ability to nurture independence. It’s a realm of freedom and creativity that fosters a positive atmosphere. In this welcoming environment, our true selves emerge, unburdened by the fear of judgment or wrong answers. Instead, we are encouraged to embrace personal growth and discover insightful answers. Each moment in class becomes an opportunity for learning and skill development. In combination with this, there is never a dull class, you can always expect to have a laugh, share a joke or respectively take the micky out of your mate.

For me, Timber has been a deeply personal journey. It’s a subject that places the individual firmly in control of their project and its outcome. We decide what to create, how to create it, and the final result we aim for—a truly rewarding experience. Every project is a unique reflection of our individuality, and this diversity of projects, experiences, and motivations fosters inclusivity within our workshop. We’ve forged strong and enduring friendships that have enriched our time at St Edward’s. Timber has been a sanctuary, a space where we can escape the stresses of school, dedicating an hour solely to our projects, allowing us to recharge mentally.

In conclusion, Industrial Technology Timber has proven to be a subject that rewards us not only with knowledge but also with personal growth. If timber speaks to you as it has spoken to me, I hope it gifts you with as much wisdom and fulfillment as it has gifted me.

Gallery of Industrial Technology Timber Major Works


Industrial Technology Metal

This year, our students truly demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the Metal department by embracing the exciting challenge of our newly introduced subject, Industrial Technology Metal. It was an academic journey filled with innovation and hands-on craftsmanship as these young minds delved into the world of metalworking.

Through their hard work and determination, they have set a high standard for future generations of students to aspire to. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for these promising young metalworkers, and we have no doubt that they will continue to rise to the occasion and achieve even greater heights.

Galery of Industrial Technlogy Metal Major Works