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St Edward’s vs Blacktown Patrician Brothers
Under 14 and Under 15 Annual Trial Rugby League Game vs Blacktown Patrician Brothers

On 24 March our two teams took on the mighty Patrician Brothers’ Blacktown in the annual trial game. The first of these friendly games took place 20 years ago and they have become a great tradition between the two Colleges and a highlight in the College calendar.

There was a great atmosphere throughout both games especially when the crowd roared. Taking on last year’s State Champions is a tough task but our boys were up for the challenge.

Both games began impressively for St Edward’s with great charges from the forwards and slick work from the backs. This gave our boys plenty of confidence, but Blacktown were not going to go away without a fight. As the games progressed, Blacktown showed their great depth and began to dominate both on the field and the score board. The tough tackling from all players and organised attack, was a feature of these highly entertaining contests. At full time, Blacktown were victorious in the Under 14’s game and the Under 15’s game. All those who played need to be congratulate for the spirit in which the games were played.

After the game, one player from each team was selected as the best player on ground.

Final Scores

Under 14’s:  St Edward’s College 12 – Blacktown Patrician Brothers 20
Under 15’s:  St Edward’s College 6 – Blacktown Patrician Brothers 18

Man of the Match Awards for St Edward’s College

Under 14’s:  Cooper Smith
Under 15’s:  Kobi Flanders