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Sessions for Success
In Week 2, the Shanahan Learning Centre hosted the Year 12 ‘Sessions for Success’.

The aim of these sessions was to provide the boys with a friendly and quiet space to prepare for their upcoming Trial Examinations, with the aid of their teachers. The canteen catered for the event and the students were treated to wraps, baked goods and soft drinks. Thank you to the library staff for organising the afternoons. A huge thank you also to the teachers who ran presentations or who made themselves available for the students’ questions. These included: Anne McDonald, Scott Massey, Tom Anderson, Michael Gentle, Vanessa Henderson, Sarah Moulton, Luke LePage, Jacqui Quennelle, Annette Rankin, Mark Austin, Kristen Mantellato, Jay Brown, Elissa Bailey and Daniel Kent. There was a lot of positive feedback from teachers and students and we wish the Year 12 cohort the very best in their Trial Examinations.