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Secret Bloke’s Business

Year 12 Students attended a Brent Sanders seminar: “Secret Bloke’s Business”

On Thursday, 11th April, all Year 12 students attended the seminar: “Secret Bloke’s Business”. The speaker, Brent Sanders was engaging and thought provoking. Brent shared his own experiences of growing up in New Zealand, his sense of loss when his mother left and how he made bad and dangerous choices which landed him in strife. Students were encouraged to make the right choices and always own their actions.

Brent told the story of Muhammad Ali’s fight against George Foreman and how everyone at the time thought Ali couldn’t win. His retelling was entertaining and reflective as he shared his favourite Ali quote: “The only limitations one has are the ones they place on themselves.”

The seminar finished with a discussion about what is consent, the legal age of consent and what is sexual assault.

Quote from student:

“We found that participating in this workshop allowed us to relate to the various struggles of being a young man and to reflect upon what it means to be a man in today’s contemporary society.”