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Representative Sport
Welcome to all the Year 7 students and families as well as all our other year groups and their families.

We look forward to another great year of competition for St Edward’s teams and individuals in both school-based and external-based events/competitions. Fingers crossed that 2021 will give our students more opportunities this year.

Currently, our various platforms for sport are confident that inter-school sport will return to some sort of normal. This however will be guided by individual sporting associations and sports around any restrictions that might be in place at the time of a sporting competition/event. We will aim to keep you updated via our permission notes and the College App.

Students have been reminded at year meetings and assemblies to listen out for notices for teams and when they need to attend meetings/training/selection trials. Depending on the sport, age group and number of players trying out – selection trials will be run during lunchtime or after school to try and give all students an opportunity to be selected in the team. However, it is a representative team, and, in some sports/events, we are limited in the number of players we can select. In certain instances if students are away, sick, injured, forget appropriate playing gear, or do not turn up to meetings/trials or training – they may miss out on their opportunity to represent the College.

All information regarding team meetings will be conveyed via the ‘Daily Notices’ read out in morning Roll Call or can be accessed by students via the College Google Chrome Homepage.

Please contact me at the College via email or phone 4321 6400 if you have any concerns or questions related to Sport at the College.

Mr Jason Carpenter
Leader of Learning – Sport