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Remembrance Day
On the morning of 3 November 1918, in the last days of the war, Australian Corporal Albert Davey, a tunneller, went to his commanding officer Captain Woodward and said he was convinced he was about to die.

Captain Woodward was asked to take care of Davey’s personal belongings and promise to send them to his wife if anything should happen to him.

The Australians were attached to a field company of the Royal Engineers in support of an attack by the British on the Sambre–Oise Canal. Zero hour for the attack was set for 5.45 am on 4 November. From that moment the ground shook from the massed artillery fire falling on the opposing positions. Davey was killed by enemy shelling while waiting for the order to move forward.

Sadly, Davey was killed one week out from 11 November 1918. This Friday on assembly we pay our respects to soldiers like Corporal Davey.