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Private Transport Information

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Student Drop-off:

  • Parking in or across the College driveways or neighbours’ driveways is strictly prohibited. It is advisable that students are dropped off in Duke or Albany Streets.
  • No Double Parking: Under no circumstances should anyone double park as this leads to dangerous traffic congestion, creating a hazard for pedestrians.

Short-term Parking:

  • Visitor Parking: Visitors may utilise the designated visitor parking spaces located in front of the reception area. College gates open at 9:30 am and close at 2:30 pm.

Student Pick-up During School Hours:

  • Reception Attendance: Parents/Carers picking up their sons during school hours must physically attend the reception office to collect the student. Students must have given a note to their Pastoral Leader to obtain permission to leave with their parent/carer.
  • For students in Years 7 to 11, leaving the College grounds during school hours is strictly prohibited unless they are accompanied by their parent/carer.

After School Pick-up:

  • Driveway Restrictions: Similar to drop-off, parents/carers are not permitted to park in or across the College or neighbours’ driveways after school hours.
  • No Double Parking: The same rule applies—avoid double parking to prevent unnecessary traffic congestion.

We kindly request the full co-operation of all parents/carers in adhering to these firm guidelines to ensure the safety and efficiency of student drop-off and pick-up procedures. Your compliance is essential to maintaining a smooth and secure school environment.