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Principal’s Message

Edmund Rice Education Australia Touchstones

 Liberating Education

 As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition we encourage all members of the school community to work to the best of their ability, to become the person that each is created to be and to strive for equity and excellence.

Annual Awards Day

We are pleased to be able to invite families to attend our Annual Awards Assembly which will be held in the Edmund Rice Centre on Tuesday December 13 from 9.00am to 11.00am. The outstanding work of students in many domains of College life will be celebrated at this event. Students in each year group will be awarded certificates for Consistent Effort, Academic Achievement and Outstanding Academic Achievement based on their application, effort and grades in the Semester 2 reports.

Special awards are also presented in a range of categories to acknowledge student achievement in leadership, academic excellence in specialised areas and a commitment to improvement and growth. Students will showcase their musical talents and morning tea will be provided to families in attendance.

Parents and carers of students receiving awards will be notified in the lead up to the event with an opportunity to indicate if they will be attending.

We encourage all families of award recipients to attend the ceremony in support of their son.

End of Year Reports

The Year 7-10 Semester 2 reports will be uploaded to the College Portal at the end of the term.  These reports will provide an end of year grade, a teacher’s comment and an indication of application and effort in relation to the College Code for Learning. I encourage all parents and students to take the time to read these reports carefully paying particular attention to the teacher’s comments and the indicators associated with the Code for Learning. Students have been encouraged this year to establish learning goals based on the Code for Learning and the reports each term have provided valuable feedback for each boy in association with these goals. In 2022 students will be asked to establish new learning goals for the year, and the feedback provided in this report will assist in developing these new goals.

We look forward to introducing the new Learning Profiles to replace the Code for Learning in 2023. A team of staff have developed these Learning Profiles taking into consideration the latest research on contemporary learning skills. Feedback sessions have now been conducted with staff, students and parents on these Learning Profiles and further information will be shared with families regarding their implementation.

Future Ready Program

Our Year 10 boys have been participating in the Inaugural Future Ready Program over the last two weeks. The boys have engaged wonderfully in the program and have been provided with the opportunity to participate in a range of workshops that provide valuable learning experiences for all students whether they are continuing into Years 11 and 12, going to TAFE or the workplace.

One of the highlights of this program saw students prepare for a mock job interview, the interviews  were conducted by a number of volunteers from within the local community. This experience proves to be invaluable in preparing boys for applying for employment.

I would like to thank Mrs Juliana Dignam, Leader of VET/Careers and Vanessa Henderson, Leader of Learning PD/H/PE, for organising this initiative.









Swimming Carnival Friday February 3

The 2023 College Swimming Carnival will be held at the Peninsula Leisure Centre in Week 1 of the 2023 school year. (Friday February 3). This compulsory school day is a wonderful community building event providing opportunities for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers to participate and gain points for their Sports House. Information will be sent to families via a letter in the coming days, which provides details about the event with a link to a form for students to nominate for both the competitive and non-competitive events.

2020 Swimming Carnival Before COVID!