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PDHPE have hit the ground running in 2019.

All families should have received an email with the Scope and Sequence and Assessment Grid for their son’s course. Most year groups have received notification of their first assessment tasks. Your assistance in supporting your son by helping with organisational skills would be appreciated.

Stage 4

Years 7 and 8 will be completing the cross-country course this Friday during Sport Activities. The Year 7 unit on challenges they face due to change is timely, with their arrival at a new school. They are also enjoying the gymnastics unit, Balance and Bounce!

Year 8 began the year by completing the Thirsty? Choose Water! survey, a follow up from an initiative introduced by NSW Health last year.  Hopefully the boys have gained more knowledge and as a reward for participating in the program, a chilled water station should be installed at the end of this term. With no practical this term due to the structure of the timetable, the boys are learning about mental health issues and the impact drugs have on mental health, in particular marijuana

Stage 5

Year 9 PDHPE have been getting their bodies in motion through gymnastic activities and fitness circuits. This works in well with the topics covering overall health, nutrition and physical activity. The Year 10 students have been exploring risk taking behaviours whilst developing and teaching modified games to their peers.

Year 9 PASS have been investigating various controversial issues in sport while Year 10 PASS have studied the interrelationship between the body systems.


Stage 6

Year 11 PDHPE have been busy completing the online and practical Apply First Aid Certificate. The Bee Gees ‘Stayin Alive’ takes on a whole new meaning when the boys practice their CPR skills.

One class has also experienced a one day outdoor recreation expedition as part of their course option. Activities include mountain bikes, navigation, intriguing hieroglyphics, rogaining (competitive treasure hunting) and kayaking. The other 2 classes are going this week and next.

Year 12 have been busy exploring the factors affecting performance and will be attending the Big Day Out for PDHPE in May. This is a day to consolidate their information on the HSC course.


A great, positive start to the year in PDHPE!

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