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PDHPE Full Speed into 2024
Year 7 PDHPE

Year 7 started the year with a unit that aims to help students cope with all sorts of challenges and changes. Students are preparing a ‘How to…’ guide for other Year 7 students facing a particular challenge. Many chose to provide strategies for starting high school, others chose strategies for coping with other changes such as puberty.

The Balance and Bounce unit sees the Year 7 students tumbling, balancing, springing and landing performing various gymnastics skills, building up to a routine.


Year 8 PDHPE

Year 8 PDHPE students are having fun learning a ‘little played’ sport in Australia, European Handball. They will be assessed on their skills and the rules of this fast moving sport. They are also looking at how to make good choices in relation to risk taking.

Year 9

PDHPE are enjoying the gymnastics springing, landing and vaulting unit. They are also analysing their own diets and exercise programs.

PASS are studying Australia’s Sporting Identity – how did we come to be known as such a sporting nation? Boys were asked to write a persuasive speech explaining why someone should be awarded Australian of the Year.

Year 10

PDHPE are experiencing the components of fitness through practical applications. They are researching how to do various fitness tests of health-related components. They will then demonstrate and administer the tests to the rest of the class and help them analyse their results.

PASS researched issues in Sport, in particular the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong, banned for life for performance enhancing drugs and blood doping. They then researched an issue that interested them, and informed the class on their findings through an audio-visual presentation.

Year 11

Outdoor Recreation has seen the introduction of students from St Joseph’s College to the course. Our combined female and male team is having all the fun this term by participating in fantastic experiences in the outdoors. They have already attended Work Placement on the Year 7 Camp at Crosslands, Galston Gorge. They are attending their next Work Placement with the boys at Year 9 Camp at Wee Jasper with Mr Summerhayes and Mr Gentle overseeing the Year 11’s who are assisting, mentoring and encouraging the students. They will also set up tents, tents and more tents as well as experiencing caving. They proved to be excellent role models at the Year 7 Camp and the staff were appreciative of their help.

PDHPE will attain their First Aid Certificate with Central Coast First Aid Training. They will gain valuable life skills with experienced presenters who work on the frontline as Paramedics, Fire Fighters or Lifeguards. They will be participating in a one day expedition – mountain biking, orienteering and kayaking their way in and around the Brisbane Water area. A challenging day filled with the natural beauty that surrounds us. We are so fortunate to be able to use the jetty and waterfront to paddle from and to school.

SLR were also lucky enough to join forces with four St Joseph’s girls. They are learning the finer safety and technique details of Track and Field events and are also participating in a coaching unit where they are discovering the challenges faced by teachers every day in classroom management and delivery of skills.

Year 12

PDHPE have had their heads down

busily working on extended responses for various assessment questions on factors that affect performance. Year 12 have the added practice of exam technique by sitting for their reintroduced Midcourse exam.

SLR have been experiencing the hands on practical unit of resistance training and are completing a movement laboratory based on physiological information learned in class.


A special thanks to the PDHPE staff team who all make these amazing experiences happen!