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Parenting Tips – Communication is Key
Communication is Key!

How we communicate with boys changes as they grow up. But whether they are young children or in their teens, keeping the lines of communication open is important. That way, we can support them emotionally and mentally, and be there for them when they need us.

Try talking side by side. Whether you’re kicking the footy or taking a walk together, boys tend to feel more comfortable opening up when there’s less direct eye contact.

It’s crucial to show your son love and support. When you let your son know that he is valued and important, it can help him develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence that will serve him well throughout his life.

​​​​​​Top Tips

  1. Build a comfort zone: ​​​​​Create a safe space for chats, this could be around the dinner table or watching sport together.
  2. Affirm your son when he opens up:  Give him a hug – show that you care. Ask for his opinion – show him his opinions are valid.
  3. Say “I love you”:  Think of different ways to tell him you love him when he least suspects it. Write how you feel in cards, notes, emails and text messages.