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Parenting Tips
As your kids navigate being teenagers, setting boundaries gets trickier.

Parenting teens means finding the right balance: enough guidance and rules for healthy choices, while allowing them to explore and trust their own judgement.

Trusting your child is a powerful motivator for them to prove themselves.

Mistakes are part of learning, so sometimes you’ll need to step in for their safety. They should know you’re there to support them, even as they take the reins.

Every teen is different—some need more independence, others need more guidance. You’ll know how ready they are to make decisions and how much support they require.

So, strike that balance, trust them, and let them shine!

​​​​​​Top Tips

  1. Praise their efforts. ​​​​​When your teenager displays good self-management skills let them know you have noticed and are proud of them.​​​​​
  2. Be clear and consistent. Teenagers gain strength and self-respect from parents who are clear and consistent in their expectations and willing to discuss reasons for their decision.
  3. Step in if you need to. You can show respect for your teenager’s feelings and opinions but should reserve the right to limit some of their actions if you feel they may be at risk.