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Parent Tips – Teenage Friendships
Teenage friendships evolve, becoming more intricate and built on trust.

As our children transition to secondary school, they might face challenges in maintaining and changing these relationships. It takes time for teenagers to find like-minded peers and form healthy, close bonds.

During this phase, teenagers explore their identities, emotions, and abilities, mingling with different groups. They may realise that some friendships or groups are no longer suitable for them, seeking out healthier connections.

As parents we need to support our teenagers by fostering open communication and understanding, letting them know that changes in friendships is normal during the teen years.
Help guide them as they navigate teenage friendships, helping them to recognise healthy relationships and make informed choices about their social circles.

​​​​​​​​​​​Top Tips

  1. Disagreements are normal: Remind them that friends sometimes have disagreements with each other – but you can always apologise and learn to forgive each other.
  2. Have casual conversations:with your teen about friendships. Talk about topics such as; what makes a good friend, what is the difference between being popular and being a good friend, how to look after your friendships.
  3. It’s ok to outgrow friends: People change as they find new interests and people to hang out with as they mature.

Marcus Missio-Spiteri
College Counsellor