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Parent Tips
As our kids grow up and show they can be trusted to follow the rules, we can let them have a say in setting the guidelines – giving them more responsibility for their own behaviour.

For instance, they can negotiate with you on when they’ll do their chores or how much screen time they can have during the week versus the weekend.

Instead of just having strict rules, using the term “agreement” suggests a more flexible and negotiated approach.
​​​​​It gives your kids a chance to be part of the decision-making process, and the cool thing is that when they’re involved in the negotiation, they’re more likely to stick to the agreements. Sometimes, they even suggest tougher consequences than you would have!

By negotiating agreements with your older child, you can teach them self-discipline and also let them prove to you that they’re responsible.

​​​​​​Top Tips

  1. Discuss and negotiate ​agreements according to the age of each child. As they get older demonstrate that you are listening to and appreciating their growing need for more independence.​​​​​
  2. Be firm, fair and consistent in applying agreements and consequences once you have all established your agreements.
  3. Praise. Generously praise responsible behaviour. Let them know you are proud of the way they are honouring the agreements and showing maturity.