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Open Rugby League
Gala Days are a tough way to progress in competitive sports.

On Wednesday 7 June, the Open Rugby League team contested the Central Coast City Cup at Morry Breen Oval, Kanwal.

A chilly and dew soaked oval was one of the many challenges facing the boys. We knew from the start that a win against Terrigal High School would qualify us,  via our pool, for the grand final. The issue was just two, 12 minute halves (no stoppage time) and the knowledge that if we didn’t start well, it would be hard to come back. Unfortunately, we did just that. A few early mistakes and simply trying too hard, led to Terrigal scoring first. Tom Whitmore blew out his boot, something I had never seen before in all my time as a coach. It seemed like it just wasn’t our day. It took us most of the first half to find our mojo. We scored a slick try and momentum seemed to be turning our way. Unfortunately, halftime sounded soon after (the half reduced due to a late start).

In the second half, we tried to find the much needed try to clinch the match. The harder we tried, the more we pushed the pass or dropped the ball. Terrigal hung in there and were rewarded with a late try to win the match.

The result put an end to our chances of progressing via the Central Coast pathway this year. In our final game, we faced Gosford High School. Given the opposition, we experimented with our starting team. The boys embraced the changes and scored a comfortable win (22-8), with the focus being more on attack than defence.

On days like these, you need a bit of luck to progress. Sometimes the better team doesn’t always win, and today was an example of that. Needless to say, the boys were fantastic ambassadors for the College.

Our team included:

Zane Smith, Byron Marks, Blaine McIntosh, Harry Bates, Hunter Mussalli, Sean Bullen, Zac Stracker, Sione Ofahengaue, Malachi Smith, Cooper McBride, Kieran Dafter, Tom Whitmore, Ethan Cohen, Jonah Wright, Sunny McRae, Kaelan Markey, Kieran White, and Brayden O’Leary.

A special mention to Kurt Halls who assisted both the Opens and Under 14’s teams on the day.