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NSWCCC Cross Country
Combined Catholic Colleges Cross Country 2019 Friday 14 June, Eastern Creek.

It was great weather for racing with a light wind, the track in good condition and no rain as predicted. A squad of 20 athletes from the College travelled to the CCC Cross Country to join 28 Diocesans/regions competing on the day which included Primary School athletics.

The athletes representing the College and the Broken Bay Diocese showed great determination and great sportsmanship.

Numbers were down this year, compared to previous years, and numerous athletes did not finish their race due to injury. In particular from the College was Gabe Scott who is a National track runner and All Schools Cross Country Competitor, who had to stop due to a tear in his quadricep and Sean Rae another National track runner who missed racing due to a hip injury. Hopefully they will be back quicker and stronger next year.


12 years – 3000 with 65 Competitors

  • Keanu Wells 1st Broken Bay Runner, 28th overall in 14:28 minutes
  • Oscar Mahoney 4th Broken Bay Runner, 55th overall in 16:25 minutes
  • Nate Vaughan 5th Broken Bay Runner, 56th overall in 16:36 minutes

13 years – 3000 m with 63 Competitors

  • Keenan White 1st Broken Bay Runner, 11th overall in 12:10 minutes
  • Tahj Werner  2nd Broken Bay Runner, 14th overall in 12:15 minutes

14 years – 4000 m with 58 Competitors

  • Cooper Notley   1st Broken Bay Runner, 6th overall in 14:17 minutes. Congratulations to Cooper who will now race at the All Schools carnival to try and qualify for the National carnival.
  • William Browning 2nd Broken Bay Runner, 28th overall in 15:47 minutes
  • Luke Foster 5th Broken Bay Runner, 43rd overall in 16:42 minutes

15 years – 4000 m with 67 Competitors

  • Ryan Green 1st Broken Bay Runner, 15th overall in 15:09 minutes
  • Eamon Wilde 3rd Broken Bay Runner, 32nd overall in 16:04 minutes
  • Lorcan Hayes 4th Broken Bay Runner, 56th overall in 21:38 minutes

16 years – 6000 m with 57 Competitors

  • Tom Herbert 1st Broken Bay Runner, 18th overall in 23:36 minutes
  • Kyle Graham 2nd Broken Bay Runner, 24th overall in 24:13 minutes
  • Joel Barry 4th Broken Bay Runner, 47th overall in 27:19 minutes

17 years – 6000 m with 57 Competitors

  • Daniel Hope 2nd Broken Bay Runner, 27th overall
  • Christian Campbell-Smyth 4th Broken bay Runner, 32nd overall

18 years – 8000 m with 44 Competitors

  • Callum Sutton 1st Broken Bay Runner, 36th overall in 38:14 minutes

Thank you to all the parents, guardians and family members for supporting the athletes and the College at the carnival. It is always a pleasure to see the way the athletes support each other and the friendships that develop which is another facet of the overall education at St Edward’s. A special thank you to Mr Jason Carpenter for his organisation and giving me the task of taking the athletes to the race as well as being team manager for Broken Bay.

Mr Tom Ristuccia