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News from the Visual Art Faculty
After a busy and creative Semester 1, we say goodbye to half of our Stage 4 classes and welcome our new students!

Across the Semester, Year 7 and 8 students developed their skills in drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, and working with Photoshop, as well as enhancing their ability to discuss, comment on and analyse works of art throughout history.  Our Year 9 students embraced their new electives with enthusiasm, exploring the fundamentals of Photography through their unit on Places and Spaces and Still Life in the Visual Arts course.  Year 10 Photography explored portrait photography focusing on the different effects created using studio lighting and the vast realm of editing possibilities in Photoshop.  In Visual Arts, Year 10 also explored portraiture enhancing their understanding of the proportions of the face and imbuing emotion into their work using a range of mediums and techniques.  We look forward to another rewarding semester supporting the creative and intellectual journeys of our students.



Stage 5 Photography

The boys of Stage 5 photography have been hard at work completing their portfolios, based on their visit to the Quarantine Station in Manly. During the day, we were led on a tour of the buildings, hoping to find some fantastic architectural shots or even a ghost or two.

Year 9 Photography concentrated on creating interesting angles and leading lines in architecture. Year 10 Photography concentrated on finding spooky backdrops for later processing. Once back at school, we worked on creating layered “double exposure” shots, including inserting images of long dead quarantine victims, half transparent, walking through the pictures as though being seen through time. We are sure you will agree that the results are well worth the effort!