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News from the Science Faculty
At the end of Term 3 we farewelled Mrs Gaynor Clancy. After more than 20 years of service to the College, Mrs Clancy has taught her last lesson and retired to Queensland to be closer to her children and grandchildren.

Mrs Gaynor Clancy

Her presence and knowledge will be dearly missed, however, her legacy and stories will remain with many of the boys she has taught during her time here.

Term 4 has begun with our current Year 12 students sitting their HSC exams, with the first paper sat in Science being Investigating Science last Friday. The boys generally left the exam feeling quite positive of the responses they gave and the structure of the paper. Biology and Science Extension students will sit their exams in Week 3, while Chemistry and Physics students will sit theirs in Week 4 of the exams. We wish them all the best of luck during this stressful period and for their bright futures ahead.

Year 11 students have received their results for the Preliminary Course, and have had the opportunity to interact with their teachers, gaining critical and insightful feedback that should help them better prepare for the HSC course. During Term 4, students in each of the 5 HSC Science courses will undertake the first of four school based assessment tasks. The boys are strongly encouraged to begin working on the task as soon as it is provided, and making every effort to seek critical feedback from their teacher so as to present a final submission which is of the highest quality.

Year 9 and 10 Marine Studies students have some amazing opportunities this term to put into practise what they have learned and are learning in class over the coming weeks. Year 9 will be visiting the Shark and Ray Centre in Port Stephens, as well as use the skills developed to snorkel in the pristine waters of Nelson Bay. Year 10 students are currently constructing their own fishing rod, and will be testing the quality of their build, along with their fishing skills during an excursion in Week 5.

In the coming weeks, all students in Years 7-10 will be undertaking their final assessments for the year. These will be shortly visible on the Portal, though boys should be aware of the expectations of the tasks from their class teachers.

Year Task
7 Semester 2 Exam (Forces, Rocks & Earth and Chemical Transformations)
8 Semester 2 Exam (Our Chemical Earth, Electricity & Energy)
9 Semester 2 Exam (Short Circuit & Energy)
10 Hand in of Practical Workbook, focussing on:
-Combustion of an alkanol
-Determining the speed of sound using resonance


Year 10 Marine Studies Students on the Rock Platform Excursion