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News from the Science Faculty
Year 7 have begun their high school science careers studying Working Scientifically, learning skills that set the foundation for work they will carry out over the entirety of the time they study science.

These skills range from measuring volumes, to lighting Bunsen burners in a safe manner, and using a variety of instruments to measure quantitative readings, from analogue through to the latest data loggers. The boys have also been learning how to use and create dichotomous keys, which will be put to use during their visit to Taronga Zoo this Thursday.

Year 7’s first assessment task is a skills and process test on Tuesday 9 March (Week 7).

Year 8 have been studying Our Chemical Earth, which focuses on the chemical make-up of the earth, identifying elements, compounds, minerals, how they are separated, how they can be recycled and some chemical processes. This week has seen the boys undertake their first assessment task of the year, investigating how the concentration of an acid affects the acid/metal reaction rate.

Year 9 have been studying The Dynamic Earth looking at the processes and forces that have moulded our planet into its current form, as well as evaluating evidence that has helped scientists theorise about our planets past and make predictions of future tectonic movement. The boys are currently working on their first assessment task, researching and explaining the formation of continents, identifying and explaining Aboriginal Australian stories describing the creation of natural landforms and researching ways in which we can all reduce the impact of humankind on the environment. This work is due in Week 8 of Term 1.

Semester 1 of each year sees students in Year 10 study 3 explicit units of work on Biology (Genetics), Chemistry (Chemical reactions and equations) and Physics (Mechanics). The content studied, along with the feedback from each assessment task, provides some guidance to students on their ability and suitability to undertake each of these subject to the HSC. Monday 8 March (Week 7) sees the boys complete the first assessment task on Genetics. This will comprise both an online multiple choice section and an extended response paper based section.

Stage 5 Marine Studies have started the year with a focus on the key skills required for the year ahead. This includes completing a mandatory swim and water safety test, which was conducted last Thursday at Gosford pool. In the coming weeks, Year 9 will complete their Basic Snorkelling excursion to Toowoon Bay, and Year 10 will undertake an intensive 1 day course with NSW Maritime and Safety Training at Woy Woy to gain their boat licences.

Stage 6 Science’s include both the Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Term 4 Year 11 and Year 12) courses for Biology, Chemistry, Investigating Science, Physics and 1-unit Extension Science. The boys have been working hard covering a great variety of content. Assessment tasks are upcoming, with the first for the year being HSC Chemistry undertaking a Depth Study on the Acetylsalicylic Acid Content of Asprin via titration and back titration. All other subjects have assessments upcoming, and these will be posted on both the Portal and on Canvas. Extension Science students are undertaking their major works, with research focussing on The Ideal Physiological Structure of a Sprinter and Agricultural Terraforming of Mars. The research undertaken is a combination of collecting primary data and analysing secondary data from industry partnerships. Exerts of the boys work will be shared later in the year.

As a faculty, we are here to help support and guide your sons to achieve success in this subject. Please do not hesitate to contact your son’s class teacher to investigate how you can support  learning in Science.