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News from the Religious Education Faculty
Year 7 – Oracy Program

Year 7 are currently working on an Oracy program in their Religion classes. By using the skill of effective discussion and listening, and how to use ‘talk’ as a learning tool, students will explore the stories within the Old Testament, (Abraham, Moses, David and Noah). The intention is for all students to have a critical awareness of what it is to be a ‘good speaker and listener’ in a variety of situations. Students will be learning about rules for talk, creating good discussions and communication skills through activities like Lego, Mingo Bingo and the M&M game, whilst learning the importance of Covenants in the Old Testament.


Year 11 – Visit to Mosque

On 23 August, the Year 11 Studies of Religion 2 unit students visited the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque. The students engaged in conversation with the presenter on the Religious tradition, Islam and learnt about the rituals, beliefs and teachings of this religion. Students were able to see inside a Islamic place of worship and this allowed them to develop an Interfaith dialogue with our presenter. They then shared a Halal meal together. Thank you to Mr Anderson and Mr Beacroft for assisting with the day.