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News From the Environment Portfolio
Trash Free Tuesday at St Edward’s is becoming a tradition and part of the College culture.

Something the boys (or their parents and carers) do without thinking. The program started nearly 6 years ago when our current Year 12 were in Year 7 which is a sign the initiative has been well supported by both staff and students. It would be interesting to calculate the amount of plastic that has been saved over the last 6 years!

Recently the maths faculty created a yearly assessment task based on Trash Free Tuesday where students study the data and respond to questions relating to different trends that they can see. It is great to see this initiative being used in the curriculum so that students are getting the message from multiple angles. Thanks to Alex Isbester for driving this and finding a way of calculating these statistics digitally.

Home Room Participation in Trash Free Tuesday, Week 2


Flick the Switch

Students in the Environment Portfolio are currently working on several initiatives relating to our carbon footprint. Students came up with the idea of creating an initiative ‘Flick the Switch’, where students were encouraged to switch off the light when they leave a room, thus reducing the carbon footprint at the College (and maybe at home as well). Students also came up with an initiative to have a whole day without using power. This initiative is still in the planning but it has great potential and we look forward to seeing what happens with the idea.