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News from PDHPE
Some fantastic, fun, relevant excursions and incursions to finish the year!

Year 7 PDHPE

Year 7 PDHPE experienced different fundamental skills such as running, striking with their hands, feet and bats. They learned to recognise the 5 components of health and the factors that affect them. The Safe and Sound unit covers all sorts of risks and how to minimise them, from technology, drugs, surf safety to how to stay safe in the sun. To enhance this knowledge, a guest speaker from the Melanoma Institute came and spoke to the boys about how to stay safer in the sun. They also participated in the one day Water Safety excursion to Gosford pool where they learned how to save themselves and others in different aquatic scenarios.


Year 8 PDHPE
Students in Year 8 practised their basketball skills and took on AFL with gusto and learned that it probably originated from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander game called Marngrook.  In theory lessons they learned strategies to cope with and stop bullying. To complement this unit, they watched the Brainstorm production ‘The Flipside’ which is a thought provoking live performance that challenges students to reflect on cyberbullying, values and the responsible use of technology. They also continued to experience stress management techniques and wellbeing skills.

Year 9 PDHPE

Year 9 also watched the Brainstorm production ‘The Flipside’ to supplement the ‘Challenging Stereotypes unit. The prac lessons enhanced the theory by increasing awareness of diversity in order to avoid discrimination, harassment and vilification. During Term 3 they experienced many different games that are played by people who are at a disadvantage due to a disability or racism. Some of the activities were blind athletics, seated volleyball, blind soccer and ‘on the knees’ table tennis. They also participated in some traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games.

Year 9 PASS

In Year 9 PASS, students learned how to analyse and appraise fad diets or physical activity regimes. They were also encouraged to design their own nutrition plan. In Term 3 they examined the contribution and impact of technology in sport. The 9 PASS classes are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy ‘the best day ever’ (in the words of Mr Powell) a snorkelling, hiking, swimming and beach games day in Bouddi National Park during the last week of school. They were also wonderful ambassadors for our subject by helping the local and school communities by assisting with administration, refereeing and officiating at numerous primary school gala days and swimming carnivals.

Year 10 PDHPE

Year 10 PDHPE students spent more time learning how to develop and maintain respectful relationships. This was reinforced through the one day Love Bites program facilitated by Coast Shelter. Term 3 saw Year 10 examining the extent and causal factors of road traffic crashes and how to respect others on the road. The boys were fortunate to travel to Sydney to take part in the bStreetsmart forum. This is a hard hitting, realistic view on road safety and the consequences of being reckless. The boys also got to try some experiential activities such as seeing the effects of alcohol through wearing ‘beer’ goggles and trying to hit a target. Real life education tips on what to look for when buying their first car, such as bald tyres, breaking systems, air bags, crumple zones etc. They will finish their year with another fantastic opportunity provided to them in collaboration with Mrs Dignam. They are currently participating in a mock interview with prospective employers from the local community, work experience, Care of Country excursion and many other school and life relevant activities. Mrs Dignam has done so much hard work towards their final weeks of Year 10. No wonder she was awarded Careers Advisor of the Year.




Students in Year 10 PASS took on the difficult task of anatomy and physiology and the Body Systems and Energy for Physical Activity. Term 3 saw the students participate in and learn about strategies and techniques that could be used to enhance performance, while in Term 4 they surveyed other Year 10 students to investigate their physical activity and screen time levels. They also got down and dirty at the Raw Challenge at Doyalson. The boys pushed and pulled themselves over, under and through obstacles, walls and water filled trenches, trying to beat the teachers! I think Mrs Elliott might have been one of the winners on the day!



Year 11 Outdoor Recreation

VET course students completed their ‘Apply First Aid’ certificate and continued their fun with their 4 day camp. Boys caught the Palm Beach Ferry from Ettalong, did a learn to surf lesson, before paddling kayaks across to The Basin. Boys had to set up tents, cook their own meals and then participate in fishing, hiking and mountain biking. It was an awesome adventure and Mr Summerhayes and Mr Gentle loved leading the boys on this experience. This topped off a great course where they also participated in a hike in Bouddi National Park, kayaking on the Brisbane Water and completing a basic water rescue at Gosford pool. I wish I was one of those students!

Year 11 PDHPE

In Year 11 PDHPE students continued their investigation into the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems and how they influence body movement and efficiency. Term 3 saw them analyse what health means to individuals, what influences their health and various health promotion initiatives. They also experienced their first 2 hour examination for PDHPE and have just sat their first HSC assessment task. A keen and conscientious group of students who are delightful to teach.

Year 11 SLR

Year 11 SLR students delved into the roles and responsibilities of a coach, including aspects of coaching sessions such as the psychology needed to deal with athletes. The students also participated in a netball unit and other games and sports. These students know how to have fun and enjoy some robust friendly competition banter during practical lessons

Year 12 PDHPE

Students finished their course with plenty of time to study. They consolidated their knowledge of the syllabus by attending The Big Day Out for PDHPE in Sydney, which showcased guest speakers from various sports and health organisations. We wish them all the best for their future and hope their HSC results are what they worked for and deserved.

Year 12 SLR

Year 12 SLR finished their aquatics human movement analysis at Gosford pool. They then had fun trying their hand at golf, archery, badminton and table tennis. They just couldn’t get enough of any sport.

Again, thank you to the versatile PDHPE staff for making the boys theory and prac lessons so life relevant and worthwhile.