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News from Food Technology and Hospitality
As Semester 1 draws to an end, there are many rewarding highlights from the Food Technology Key Learning Area.

Year 9 have settled into the routines of the kitchen and are gaining confidence in their own abilities. It has been pleasing for Mr Massey and I to witness their creativity and improved time management in their practical work. They have undertaken studies in nutrition and are undertaking practicals which highlight the importance of good nutrition in teenagers.

Year 10 are focusing on the Food In Australia unit and have taken a culinary journey through the development of Australia’s cuisine. Various practicals such as Kangaroo and Crocodile Kebabs, Damper, Cottage Pies, Greek Lamb Bites and Thai Poached Chicken have highlighted the multicultural and diverse nature of our diets.

Year 11 Food Technology recently had a hands-on experience with Sharon from Cake and Plate as part of their Food Quality Unit. The brief was to utilise fondant for decorating cupcakes using a sporting theme. The boys found this task both inspiring and at times trying when working with this medium. The results were amazing, and I was especially proud of their determination.


The Year 11 Hospitality students have successfully completed their 35 hour Mandatory Work Placements at various Hospitality establishments on the Coast. Their skill development and ability to master their precision cuts and mis-en-place skills impressed their employers, with many being offered part time work and apprenticeships.

Year 12 Food Technology have been studying various sectors and organisations within the Australian Food Industry. They recently visited 3 local organisations – East Coast Beverages, Agrana Fruits and The Chocolate Factory and were able to view the operations and sample many of the products available. It was great to utilise local facilities and see their contributions to the Food Manufacturing sector. Year 12 are presently working on the development of a snack food to be sold in school canteens. They work through the Food Product Development process from prototype design to launch. In the coming weeks, they will prepare their prototypes and their peers will sample them and a final product will then be launched.

Year 12 Hospitality students have been working on the completion of their competencies. They recently prepared a “High Tea” showcasing their skills, team work and organisational ability.


Mrs A McDonald
Leader of Learning Food Technology and Hospitality