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Media in Mrs Neal’s Year 8 English Class
Mrs Neal’s Year 8 English class have been talking about subject specific language prior to their upcoming assessment task. Matteo Vumbaca spoke about the use of language in his tractor book, concentrating on creating a glossary of key terms used to describe dialogue in media.


The students have been working collaboratively using multiple strategies to complete crosswords creating using the glossary of terms. In creating these crosswords, students focussed on explicit teaching and questioning such as “What is a glossary? Why is it unusual to see a glossary in fiction? Where do we find a glossary?”

Matteo continued his involvement by showing the Glossary in his tractor book to the class. In groups, the class then worked collaboratively (without a dictionary or device) to complete the crossword. Of the many strategies the students needed, they filled in the terms they already knew using the root word/term to inform of use of the possible term (eg. Head – Headline); Counting the letters to fit in boxes and process of elimination; Checking the spelling by writing on the whiteboard; Started on their own glossary (key terms page on Canvas).

Next, students will take a quiz, building their vocabulary by explicitly referring and building the glossary during the unit. The class have enjoyed this practical application of their English skills.