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Maths Week 2024
Earlier this term we celebrated Maths Week at St Edward’s College.

Maths Week occurred during Week 6 of this term due to NAPLAN occurring the following week.  Throughout Maths Week we had daily problems in the daily notices. Many students attempted these problems, the student who submitted their solution first and correctly, was deemed the daily winner. Congratulations to the following students who were crowned the daily winners:

  • Monday- Cormac Brady (Year 9)
  • Tuesday- Joshua Mangan (Year 12)
  • Wednesday- Tobias Fernandez Pranzo (Year 7)
  • Thursday- Brandon Minto (Year 12)

Also, each day we had math-based games running in the library at lunchtime. On Monday we played blackjack, Tuesday we had bingo, Wednesday speed chess and Thursday was Sudoku. The winners of each of these games were also awarded prizes. Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Lennon Harries (Year 10) Bingo
  • Jerwin Conta (Year 7) Bingo
  • Luke Richter (Year 7) Bingo
  • Ruben Borg (Year 10) Bingo
  • Henry Chapman (Year 8) Chess Winner
  • Tobias Fernandez Pranzo (Year 7) Chess Runner Up
  • Cooper Stratulat (Year 7) Chess 3rd Place

Finally, Math week ended at the Friday morning assembly, were we had our annual Pi Challenge. The rules for the Pi Challenge are: finalists start with one student who states the first digit, he then passes the microphone to the next student who announces the next digit, and so on. If a student states the incorrect digit they are eliminated, until one student remains. It took 167 digits of pi to get a 2024 Pi Challenge Champion. It is with great pleasure I announce the following winner and place getters:

  • Ruben Borg (Year 10) First Place
  • Zane Everson (Year 10) Second Place
  • Hoitlin Ho (Year 8) Third Place

Overall, it was great to see so many students enjoying mathematics. Looking forward to next year.

Tim Woodbine
Leader of Mathematics