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Maths in Trades Visit
Maths in Trades Visit to the Science Laboratory Construction Site

On Thursday 4 May, the Year 10 Maths in Trades students had the opportunity to visit the science laboratories for the second time this year where construction work is taking place. They were able to witness the progress of the work firsthand and gain insights into the important skills required to become an apprentice tradesman. Victor, the site manager, shared with the students what has been happening on site and the different stages of the construction process.

The boys were able to see the importance of mathematical concepts in real-life situations. They observed how measurements and calculations were necessary in the refurbishment of the building. This helped them to understand the relevance of what they were learning in their math classes and how it can be applied in the workforce. Additionally, they were able to see how problem-solving and critical thinking skills were important when dealing with unexpected challenges in the construction process.

Victor also spoke to the boys about the key skills required to become an apprentice tradesman. He highlighted the importance of punctuality, teamwork, communication, and a strong work ethic. The boys were able to gain a deeper understanding of the qualities needed to be successful as an apprentice and how they could apply these skills in their future careers.

The visit to the science laboratory was a valuable experience for the Year 10 Maths in Trades students. It provided them with a practical application of what they are learning and helped them to understand the importance of skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork in the workforce.