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Learning Shakespeare Through Role Play
Mrs McDonald, our creative English Leader of Learning, recently introduced Shakespeare’s Macbeth to her Year 9 class in a unique and engaging way.

She decided to set up a crime scene in the classroom, using props and clues from the play to create interest and capture the students’ attention.

The crime scene was set up with caution tape, bloodstained clothes, a bloody dagger, and other props that hinted at the murder of King Duncan in the play. The students were given the task of solving the crime, using their knowledge of the play and their critical thinking skills to piece together the clues.

The use of props and the crime scene approach was a great hook to draw the students into the new module of work, and they were immediately engaged and interested in the lesson. Mrs McDonald’s creative approach helped to make the complex themes and language of Shakespeare’s Macbeth more accessible and relatable to the students.

Through this interactive approach, the students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the play’s characters and plot, and they were able to apply their knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Overall, Mrs McDonald’s introduction to Macbeth was a success, and it set the stage for a rewarding and engaging module of work for the Year 9 students.