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Justice, Peace and Advocacy – Waterford Service Program
Welcome back for another fantastic year of giving back to our local community through the Waterford Service Learning Program.

The vision of St Edward’s College as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition requires us to seek justice and compassion for others and give a voice to the voiceless. The Waterford Service-Learning Program is a vital part of this vision and permeates throughout the whole school curriculum.

The College has been conducting this mandatory Social Justice program for over 20 years. Each student in Years 8-11 is required to complete at least 15 hours of service for others, by the end of Term 3. Their completed log sheet will be submitted to Canvas.

Students in Year 7 are exempt from this, allowing them time to settle into College life, but they are welcome to participate if they choose. Similarly, Year 12 students are also exempt from Waterford to allow them to focus on study and other matters, however they are encouraged to continue the Service Learning (and perhaps Edmund Rice Honours) they engaged in Years 8 to 11.

Your son is encouraged to reach 100 hours of service, and for this he will receive an award titled ‘Edmund Rice Honours’ for his dedication to helping others, especially the disadvantaged.

The Waterford Service-Learning Program provides opportunities for all secondary students to become involved in a wide range of volunteer activities, catering for different age groups. It allows them to experience the joy of giving and sharing with others and provides a unique learning experience that goes beyond the classroom and school environment, where students can reflect upon their own values and beliefs and develop their character through the act of service. The opportunity and requirement to reflect and give meaning to their service experience are critical to the success of the program.

Throughout 2024 there will be many opportunities for students to receive Waterford hours by assisting and participating in school events. These will be announced in the Daily Notices. Additionally, we are collating a College wide list of the activities that students can be involved in or regularly complete each year to receive Waterford hours, so please send any and all ideas to Mr Rozario.

The College is also conducting Founder’s Day activities this year in Term 3, which is a day of fun and interactive activities to raise funds for the Edmund Rice ministries we support, including the Kenya Christian Brothers Ministry for young people and families living in poverty.



Additionally, we are planning a number of events throughout the year that will draw attention to injustices within our society, call for action from our community, and will focus on student wellbeing.

Upcoming Events

Term Event Week
Term 1 Solidarity Week Week 8
Term 2 College Sleepout No 1 Week 2
Term 2 Push Up Challenge Weeks 6 to 9
Term 2 Men’s Health Week Week 7
Term 3 College Sleepout No 2 Week 3
Term 3 BBQ Fundraiser Week 2 to 7
Term 3 40 Hour Famine Week 6
Term 3 Founder’s Day Week 7
Term 3 RUOK? Day Week 8
Term 4 Eddie’s Cultural Festival Week 8

Throughout each term on the 4th and 5th Monday of the month 3 students and 2 staff members will be visiting Coast Shelter to help prepare meals and connect further with our community. If a student is interested please contact Mr Rozario (Waterford hours will be given for attendance).

For more information, Waterford ideas, and to download a copy of the log sheet please visit the Justice, Peace, and Advocacy page on our website – Justice, Peace and Advocacy – St Edward’s College

Throughout the school year if you have any questions or ideas about the Waterford Project and ways in which our College can connect further with our community, please do not hesitate to contact –

Alexander Rozario
Leader of Justice, Peace, and Advocacy

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