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IT Multimedia
“At the end of the day, multimedia is a sheer act of creative will. You have to be prepared to stick with your art no matter what comes your way.” This quote by Nicholas Ozeki (Great filmmaker) is truly reflective in many ways of the sheer will and tenacity of the 2021 HSC cohort, especially those completing their Major Project this year.

We thought 2020 was a year like no other and here yet again 2021 and COVID presented a whole new set of challenges for students to face. Among the changes of 2020 was the introduction of the collaboration with St Joseph’s Catholic College Students in Preliminary Industrial Technology Multimedia and coeducational classes. This year we will have the privilege to see these students graduate along with St Edward’s, standing tall and pride.

The Industrial Technology Multimedia course at St Edward’s College offers those students who wish to be creative, an avenue that is backed with the technical skills and design elements required in the Graphical arts, Multimedia and Animation industries. As predominately a practical based subject, the move to home-based-learning during the final months of their Major work submission students demonstrated intrinsic motivation, negotiation and determination to complete some impressive Projects. The projects ranged from animation and graphic design to cinematic, music and short films. There were projects on social youth culture, The Mist, What is Art and Who we are, the 5 senses and illusions, dreams and motivational and a dystopian world.

Seeing both the St Joseph’s and St Edward’s students working together to explore, develop and achieve success in their own right will be a highlight of 2021. As psychologist Leonard Sax states “boys and girls have marked physical and psychological differences and hence they have to be educated differently”. Teaching both genders has demonstrated my new love and connection for teaching again. Explaining key terms in both an abstract concept as well as more visual and with application, has allowed for a deeper knowledge and understanding of content to both genders. It is clear to see that boys enjoy doing risky things, whereas girls are likely to underestimate it, which is evident in the completed Major Projects.