Founders Day
Founders Day

St Edward’s maintains a strong commitment to the promotion of Justice and Solidarity. On Founders Day, we come together as a community in celebration of our dedication to this Touchstone. The event is scheduled this year for Friday 31 August and our aim is to build community spirit and inclusivity at St Edward’s. It is anticipated that we will raise $20,000 that will be allocated to support the Mary Rice Centre for disabled children in Nairobi Kenya, St Edmund’s Wahroonga, St Joesph’s Primary School in Walgett and Edmund Rice Camps.

The College has a rich twenty-year tradition of celebrating this event on the calendar and we ask for the support of our whole school community in donating $20 per student in the lead up to the day.  This money is being collected at student reception. Students are permitted to attend the day in casual clothing and boys may dress up if they like.

Students will be provided with a BBQ lunch and drink on the day and entry into a raffle where over one hundred prizes including a television, mobile phones, sports equipment and many others that have been donated. The St Edward’s staff are working hard to provide a range of fun activities on the day, including rides, oval/outdoor activities, computer games, ice cream/lollies/cake stalls (boys will need some extra money for these) and over twenty fun activities. Attendance on the day is compulsory and the boys in Years 8-11 receive two hours towards their Waterford Project, once they have contributed their $20 donation and attend on the day.

Wear a Hood

On Founders day Ms Toomey and students from EREBB will be promoting ‘Wear a Hood for the Earth’s Common Good’.  Students are encouraged to wear a hoodie and take the pledge, see below:

Wear a Hood for the Earth’s common good

I pledge that I will have confidence in myself,

That I will credit myself on success

I will try my personal best,

I will accept other people’s cultures and their beliefs,

I will care for the earth and its environments by treating it with the respect it deserves,

That when I wear my hood I will stand for the earth’s common good.