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Founder’s Day 2023
Founder’s Day 2023, Week 5 Friday: Celebrating Our College, Our Founder, and Our Community

Founder’s Day is an annual celebration where we honour our College and its visionary founder, Edmund Rice. It is a time for us to deepen our sense of community and commitment to serving others. Edmund Rice serves as a role model, teaching us the importance of standing with the disadvantaged, prioritising others, and being genuinely good human beings. Through his example, we strive to promote dignity and respect for our fellow men and women.

Fredrick Were

This year holds special significance in the history of St Edward’s as it marks the 70th Anniversary of our esteemed College. With such a milestone occasion, the focus of Founder’s Day in 2023 will revolve around this significant event. Each homeroom will embark on a project that encapsulates the spirit of Eddie’s legacy. These projects will be completed on Friday during Week 5, fostering a stronger sense of community among students and raising vital funds for the education of Fredrick Were from Kenya. To support our sponsorship of Fredrick, we kindly request students to bring in a Gold Coin donation. In return, they will receive a delicious sausage sandwich for lunch.

Numerous exciting projects are already in progress across different homerooms, ranging from candle making and collaborative artworks to frisbee golf and basketball shooting competitions. Some homerooms have organized bake sales and other raffle/guessing competitions to raise additional funds for Fredrick’s education. Prizes will be awarded to homerooms with the most creative projects and those that best embody the core values of our College and the St Edward’s spirit.

There will be many opportunities for students to participate in different activities and buy some delicious treats, so students are encouraged to bring some small change on the day if this interests them. All proceeds raised will be going to various charitable organisations and the sponsoring of Fredrick. Activities and goods being sold include:

  • Cans of Soft Drink
  • Bake Sale
  • Bingo
  • Soccer Goal Kicking
  • Raffles
  • Wet Sponge Throwing at Teachers
  • Lolly Guessing Competition

We eagerly anticipate a day filled with fun and community-building activities, where our values of service and positive relationship building can truly shine through.

Mr Rozario
Leader of Justice, Peace and Advocacy