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Exploring Creativity and Growth in Visual Arts

As we launch into a new semester, we are pleased to share with you the latest happenings from our Visual Arts department. From the culmination of our Year 12 students’ educational journey to the blossoming talents of our younger artists, there’s much to celebrate and anticipate.

Year 12: Nearing the Finish Line

Our Year 12 students are approaching the end of their academic journey, and their dedication and resilience has been evident throughout. They are currently in the midst of their Trial HSC Exams for which we wish them all the best! This assessment serves as a steppingstone towards their final HSC examinations, providing valuable insights into their progress and areas for improvement.

Their Major Works, which they have been developing since Term 4 last year, are in their final stages, and we are excited to see the results of their hard work. The creative endeavours of these students promises to reflect not just their artistic skills, but also their unique perspectives and growth throughout their time in Visual Arts.

Celebrating Creativity: TAS and Art Display Night

We cordially invite you to join us on Monday, August 28, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm for the TAS and Art Display Night. This evening is an opportunity for our students to share their Major Projects with the community. The culmination of their hard work and dedication will be on full display, providing a glimpse into the diverse range of artistic expressions nurtured within our department.



Exploring Art Beyond the Classroom: Year 9 and 10

Recently, our Year 9 Visual Arts students embarked on an inspiring excursion to the Gosford Regional Art Gallery. They had the chance to immerse themselves in the exhibitions of William Kentridge and Robert Bennetts, drawing inspiration from their works. Additionally, the students explored the beauty of the Japanese Garden behind the Gallery, capturing their impressions through photography and sketches. Such excursions provide a unique opportunity for students to broaden their artistic horizons and draw inspiration from the wider art world.

Year 10 Photography will venture to Sydney on Wednesday for an immersive Photographic tour of the Harbour and CBD. Guided by our experienced teachers, students will develop skills in composition, framing, alternate perspectives, long exposure and capturing images spontaneously with confidence.

Year 10 Visual Arts have been exploring contemporary art practices by venturing into the natural landscape we are lucky enough to be surrounded by at school. Students have taken inspiration from artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling and created temporal site-specific works using natural materials from the site. This task is designed to strengthen each student’s connection to their local land and extend their artmaking practice beyond the canvas.

Nurturing Young Talent: Year 7 and 8

The creative journey of our younger artists in Years 7 and 8 has been a highlight this year. They have been engaged in a variety of art projects, experimenting with different mediums, and developing their artistic skills. As they refine their artistic skills, they are also cultivating their ability to analyse and interpret artworks, fostering a deeper appreciation for the creative process and developing the skills to think independently, persevere when challenged and problem solve effectively.

Year 8 Electives: Choosing Visual Arts and/or Photography

To our Year 8 students, the exciting world of Visual Arts beckons. As you contemplate your elective choices, we encourage you to consider the dynamic and enriching journey that Visual Arts has to offer. With a curriculum that fosters both technical skills and creative thinking, it’s a chance to explore your artistic passions and develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.  The Photography course also seeks to develop your skills in photographic and digital media, focusing on both digital and analog photography, creating short films, building your online presence and developing your eye for composition and design.

Thank You!

We extend our gratitude to our teachers, students, and parents for their continued support of the Visual Arts department. It is through your dedication that our students are able to thrive and find their artistic voices. We look forward to sharing more artistic achievements and experiences in the months ahead. Stay tuned for further updates, and remember to mark your calendars for TAS and Art Display Night on August 28!