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Environment, Sport, Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyle Portfolio
We are encouraged to see student numbers continue to increase and students continuing to support the Environment, Sport, Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyle Portfolio’s Trash Free Tuesday initiative.

We encourage students and families to watch the ABC’s Fight for Planet A, a program exploring how we can all reduce our individual and collective carbon emissions, this three-part documentary shares the message of “empowering and motivating Australians to take action on climate change!”  This is great motivation for students on being mindful when packing their lunchboxes.

We congratulate and welcome our new Year 11 prefects into the Portfolio:  Samuel Beatson, Byron Bird, Jack Hanna and Kai Wheelock.  These young men have been involved in this portfolio over the last few years showing their commitment to their environment and wellbeing.  We can’t wait to see what initiatives they come up with as leaders in this portfolio.  Congratulations and we look forward to supporting you in your new role.

Samuel Beatson

Byron Bird

Jack Hanna

Kai Wheelock











It is also a great time to thank our current Year 12 Environment, Sport, Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyle leaders: Lars Cleeren, Sam Dewey, Aaron Judd, Jacob Curcio and our other prefects; Joseph Hussein, Jackson Robb, Jordan Terzian, Ashleigh Palupe, Daniel Brazier, Aidan Davis, John Fernandes, Daniel Pearce, Ethan Short, Kane Howe, Daniel Hope and Joshua Armstrong.  Each of these students have individually made an impact to this portfolio, joint collaboration between the portfolios has been incredible.  They have shown great leadership over the last two years by introducing Envirobank’s Return & Earn Scheme, Trash Free Tuesday, Movember, Earth Hour, The Push-Up Challenge, attending Sustainability conferences with other private and public schools, mentoring our upcoming leaders and organising the first ever College mufti day.  Your professionalism, commitment and leadership has been exemplary.  We wish you every success during your final year at the College.