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Environment Portfolio Report
Tuesday 8 June saw our second year of our student led Trash Free Mufti Day at the College.  The theme was Green – whether it be the colour green, a favourite sustainable item of clothing or some second hand goods!

Students and staff embraced the day and raised $662.90.  These funds will be used to assist in the installation of our second chilled water filter station which will be installed over the upcoming break.  There were 488 students who brought in a Trash Free lunch which is another amazing effort.  Congratulations to those students who made a conscious effort to do this. We are slowly raising awareness within the school about the need to reduce our waste, and hope this becomes a permanent change to daily routines.

We are planning to conduct a waste audit in Week 1 next term where environment portfolio students will separate the waste from the bins in different areas of the College and see what is being thrown away. It is an exciting step forward for the College and I hope that there will be a lot more initiatives like this in the future as our students become better stewards of our environment.

Another important message is to reduce, reuse and recycle your clothes the right way. Don’t buy clothes you don’t need. Choose quality over quantity. Purchase clothes made from eco-friendly threads over synthetic fabrics. Learn how to repair clothes yourself.