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Environment Portfolio Report
We had our first Earn and Return container collection for 2021 which saw 986 containers being diverted from landfill.

A massive thank you to our groundsman Mr Archer for his efforts in getting students to recycle their drink containers into the Return and Earn cage and the yellow recycle bins around the College.

Our Trash Free Tuesday student numbers have been consistent for Term 1.  Over 350 students each week are making a conscious effort to make a trash free lunch, we hope that this is a permanent habit that they will continue to do and take into the future.

We recently received news that we have been successful in gaining a second Chilled Filtered Water Station from Central Coast Health Promotion Thirsty Choose Water.  This will enable students more opportunities to choose water as their first drink of choice and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment by using reusable drink bottles.  Currently we have diverted over 54,400 bottles from landfill with the current water refill station.

We also were successful in being given a place to attend the annual Youth Summit for Take 3 for the Sea.  This summit brings students from all schools around the state together at Taronga Zoo, to encourage youth leadership and stewardship of the environment.  Last year four Year 11 students applied to attend this event, however, due to COVID-19 it was cancelled.  It is great to see the same boys now in Year 12 being able to attend this event.

We have had a lot more Year 7 to 10 students attending portfolio meetings and it is great to see younger students becoming involved in leadership within the College.  Four of these students from Years 7 to 10 will be involved in six, one hour online webinars aimed at developing youth leadership and creating action plans focussing on the environment.

It is great to be involved in such an energetic portfolio where we get to listen to authentic student voice everyday!