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English Stars Awards
October and November English Stars of the Month

The first round of students to be recognised as ‘English Star of The Month’ were presented with their awards at the College Assembly held on Friday 2 December 2022.

As part of the aim to recognise and reward those students who consistently achieve outstanding results and put in their full effort, this year the English staff have created a program aimed at rewarding these students. Each month, English teachers will nominate two students from each of their classes to go into the running to be recognised as ‘English Star of The Month’. One student will be rewarded for achievement and one for effort. There will also be a ‘Special Commendation’ category to allow scope to include a diverse range of our amazing students. The English staff are keen to acknowledge those students who bring joy to the classroom through their love of learning.

Student rewarded for the first time are listed below and the entire English department congratulate each of these boys.

English Stars – October and November

Year 7 –   Beau Louie, Ethan Fraser, Jacob Hall, Harrison Evans and Tiago Salomao

Year 8 – Tobias McEvoy and Charlie Cranny, Riley Stauner-Lumsden,  Isaac McCudden, Joe Kelly, Tristan Pearce-Maitland, Xander Byrne, Harry Bennett, Sam Duffy, Eden Pearson and Nixon Lavin

Year 9 –  Matthew Kirkland, Chiko Katsande, Donovan Wright, Logan Spinks, Archer Martin, Marcus Tredwell, Alex Jack, Nicholas Husk, Kalan Hiscoe and Mathis Limpkin

Year 10 –  Matthew Clarkson, Logan Merceica, Hugh Wilson, Matthew Lewry, Matthew Frost-Foster Lachlan Kemp, Andrew Hodge, Ronan Bishop, Logan Mercieca and Samuel Trench

Year 11/12 –  Luka Beard, Luke McHugh, Kalen Hogan, Billy Rolston, Jack Roberts, Sean Bullen Harrison Stiffle and Austin Boffo