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English Stars Attend Term 1 Immersion Day
On Tuesday this week, 40 students ranging from Year 7 through to Year 11 attended the first English Immersion Day for 2023 supported by Mrs Titheradge and Mrs McDonald.

The students were selected to attend the incursion after being awarded English Star of The Month for either February or March. These students were presented at assembly on Friday 24 March with a certificate, a special commemorative pen and a canteen voucher. Their English teacher had to nominate them to receive the award as an acknowledgement of their commitment to their English studies.

The Immersion Day was an opportunity for these students to experience some engaging and interesting literacy-based activities. The day was divided up to into 5 sessions, each themed around reading, writing, and creating.

Session one was a book tasting. Students sampled a selection of books, filling out a “tasting menu”, eventually choosing one book which was then theirs to keep. Many studies have shown a clear link between reading for pleasure and broader academic success, and this is what this first session was all about. Session two was poetry writing mini workshop. In the new HSC for English Module C – The Craft of Writing is all about writing creatively, persuasively, or discursively. This session aimed to hone students’ skills in creative writing, notably poetry, to develop their confidence in this area leading to their senior years. Session three was centred around communication and critical thinking skills. This session was focussed on students working on their communication and critical thinking skills as they worked in small groups. Students sorted through narratives presented as evidence and solved the presented mystery. This session relied on students developing their comprehension skills which is a key component of every English course across every stage. Year 9 were the first team to solve the mystery, working together cohesively and as a solid unit. Session four and five were all about having some creative fun. This session allowed students to see that English can be enjoyable, leading to greater engagement and interest. Students hunted for “Easter Eggs” hidden around the ERC Foyer. Once they found an “egg” they cracked it open and tackled the literacy tasks inside. One was the creation of a Black Out poem and the other was making their own bookmark to use in their newly selected book from the first session. Each session was created to extend and consolidate students’ love of literacy and learning and reward them in fun and creative ways due to their efforts this term in English.

The atmosphere of the day was relaxed and fun, with students challenging themselves to try new things and push themselves outside their comfort zone. The boys were treated to Hot Cross Buns, lollies, Easter Eggs and hot chocolates as well as recess and lunch. All in all, it was a fun day, and we are already looking forward to the Term 2 Immersion Day which will reward the next batch of English Stars.