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English – Epic Quests
On 16 August, all of Year 7 had an English immersion for their study of ‘Epic Quests’.

They were able to learn new skills in Minecraft, Fusion for 3D printing and collaborate with their peers in building a castle. This will link to their writing in English this term. Thanks go to our helpers from Year 9 and 10 – Jesse Kemp, Aiden Balshaw, Geoffrey French, Easun Zhang, Finn Leary, Joshua Malek, Joshua Mangan and Logan Merceia.

This is what some of the Year 7 boys had to say about their experience.

“My favourite part about this incursion was making a fortress in Minecraft next to my friends. I liked that I got to choose who I worked with and that the activity was fun.” Derik 

“My favourite part was being able to work as a group and be able to help each other design things digitally and in real life”. Knox

“My favourite part of this incursion was making the castles out of paper. I really enjoyed this, because with a time limit, I found a sense of competition to build the best castle in the library”.  Joshua 


Congratulations to the winners of the Castle build:

  • First – Noah, Lenox, Jacob B, Kobi and Alex
  • Second – Blake, Liam, Travis and Krishay
  • Third – Fletcher, Buda, Lachy, Liam and Julian